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Me, Myself, and I

Hi~ I'm Kyara (or Kya/Kya-chan) and I'm a young writer/anime lover.
So this blog is dedicated to anything beautiful as well as anime!~

Main anime/manga:
NGE - KawoShin
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Free! [MakoHaru]
Hunter x Hunter
Kagerou Project (Mekakucity Actors)
Madoka Magica
Kill la Kill
CCS (CLAMP in general)

Current Obsession:
Kill la Kill
Kyoukai no Kanata
Hetalia (APH) UsUk, GerIta
Persona 4
Psycho Pass (Occasionally)
BBC Sherlock
Soul Eater
Samurai Flamenco

Art Disclaimer: I do not claim any of this art as my own unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy and feel free to drop me a message!~

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daze - Mafumafu

Original - Jin feat. MARiA (Mekakucity Actors OP)

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By rubill

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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Gas Mask

By みそあん

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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((i kind of got over emotional with that last post so here’s some boyfriends being dorks. also THANKS FOR 600+ followers. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY CRAP. YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL. LIKE WOW))

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[ N O . 6
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Full Scan Here
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i started the novels I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM

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No.6 #9 [Limited Edition] w/ Drama CD


No.6 Drama CD
NO.6〔ナンバーシックス〕 9 【特装版】 CD付き


Series: No. 6 
Author: Asano Atsuko
Illustrator: Kino Hinoki

01 紫苑の日々 1
02 紫苑の日々 2
03 キャストトーク

*Please do not reupload this elsewhere.

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So this came in the mail today….. \(^.^)/ 

Ok so my Japanese is very basic, but I’m able to recognize some quotes and scenes, so here’s what I got from my first listening: 

The first track on the CD starts with when they wake up at Karan’s and then Nezumi leaving… I can’t handle it *cries* 
Then it’s one year later and Shion remembers what happened in the CF… first there’s Safu saying goodbye and Shion’s crying in pain way too much; and since my heart wasn’t broken enough, let’s move on to the part when Nezumi gets shot and Shion saves him… 
At the end of the track, Nezumi sings in the background and Shion remembers him saying that he’d like for Shion to stay just as he is. Shion talks a little more but I’m truly not sure what he says then.
The first track ends with Shion noticing that it’s raining outside… He remembers something about the West Block on a day when it was raining too.

Then the second track begins and we’re back in the West Block, it’s raining. As advertised on the box, it’s the scene from Beyond where Rikiga brings food and wine and then Shion gets all drunk. It’s definitely happier than the first track hehe, drunk Shion is really funny^^
Well, then of course we get back to the same moment as in the first track, and as Shion fondly remembers this happy night, he opens the window. What used to be a faint sound of rain turns really loud and Shion wonders if it’s a typhoon. Of course, it makes him remember his first meeting with Nezumi. Shion repeats “I’m alive” over and over, and speaks up in the rain, telling Nezumi that’s he’s waiting for him, asking him to come in just like that night long ago…

The third track is the cast talking together, and to be honest I have a really hard time understanding what they’re saying apart from a few sentences, so I’m sorry but I can’t really help on this one XD Gomen^^

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Full Scan Here
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